I’m 18, I’m Gay, I’m Skyler.

I enjoy music but can’t fathom how people can have 500 songs on an mp3 player… 

I web design, and in the distant future, there may be money made from it. 

Computers Are Awesome! 

I like to think privately a lot, about my position in life and the raw truth of things. I’m…different in real life, but quite content with such a position. I like to think myself a fairly strong writer/speaker, although I could be mistaken. I think Scottish public schools are a joke (which I am a part of) and tend to take a more conservative-approach to Scottish politics. I like to read, but only when it’s on my own accord, almost NEVER when it is assigned reading by a teacher. I prefer email to texting- I don’t even know if my phone can text. I am learning German. And fractions are our friends. 

But you will never see a good portion of who I am online. 

Feel free to ask me about stuff. I don’t run a multi-million dollar website, so I tend to be pretty open. 

And unlike some people, I have a soul! Many people have tried, but I made my own Soul Firewall.